The Secret to Ab Workouts That Really Work

The days of thinking the only down side to having extra weight around the middle was not fitting into your favorite jeans are over.  If those tight jeans didn’t motivate you to look at ab workouts to find one that will work for you, then likely these new research studies will.

So, why is a larger waistline so dangerous?

It has to do with the amount of fat around your vital organs.  This abdominal fat is a completely different beast than other body fat.  It is a fat that is called “metabolically active”.  Which means it promotes chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammation then leads to a boat load of nasty stuff including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few.

The thing that brought you to this site might be that you don’t like how you look or feel due to some extra inches around your middle.  I think you’ll agree though that there are some real, scary medical reasons for paying attention to the size of your waist line.

So, what is the secret to an ab workout that you can stick to?

#1.  Exercise is your number one weapon when you are fighting the battle against abdominal fat.  We all know we should be exercising but the truth is we are all maxed to capacity time wise and if exercise isn’t easy, and routine, then we are just not going to do it.

#2.  Make it convenient.  If you have to drive 20 minutes to a gym can you really see yourself doing this long term?  Be realistic.  Have your circumstances changed so that now you can make that drive several times a week?  If not, consider purchasing an ab workout machine, or a home gym.

That is not to say that if you buy a piece of equipment for your home you will automatically want to use it.  But, the research shows that the odds are much greater that you will.  AND that you will stick with it long term.
Check out my recommendations below for how to START if you are lacking the motivation to do so on your own.

Your health is worth the investment, so make the best quality choice in fitness equipment that you can afford for your ab workouts.

In my own research I whittled down this list from a list of 50 or so machines.  These were the machines that got USED.  They weren’t just extra coat racks in the spare bedroom.  These were the ones that people raved about after several years of use.  Amazon reviews are helpful, but I find people seem to rate things right after purchase.  I wanted to know what people thought of their equipment 2, or even 3 years after they purchased it.  That took some digging on blogs and forums but here is the list that I came up with.  My hope is that someone else will find this helpful.   All this waistline research lead me on a quest to find out what really worked best for people who keep a toned midsection.  And what kept working, even in their later years of life.  I found that the overwhelming majority used ab workout machines.  I then wanted to find out which abdominal exercise equipment people really loved and used. Were those popular ab belts really effective?  I wanted to find more than simply another dusty coat rack taking up space in an already crowded room.  Amazon was a huge source of information for compiling my list.  But I found people rated their purchases soon after they received it.  This wasn’t helpful for me really. I wanted to find out which abs machines were being used 1, 2, and 3 plus years later.

2014 reviews for ab workout machines

So why invest in an ab machine that just focuses on one area of the body? Eight Best Ab Workout MachinesIf you can afford a home gym go for it.  If you need to loose weight go for the Ab Coaster so you can get your cardio in.  Whatever you choose, remember this – the abs are the epicenter of your body.  Your core is just that – the center of everything.  If your core is weak your entire spine and foundation will be weak, your posture will suffer.  I can not stress enough how important to your health strong abs are – they are vitally important in your everyday routine.  Not to mention your decreased risk of disease!

How to get started Let’s face it – starting a new exercise routine is hard.  All to often we start with great enthusiasm and after a few weeks we’re back to our old habits.


Ab workouts - how to get started

Need help getting started and staying on track?

By using an abdominal exercise machine along with other equipment you can work smarter, not harder.  So, if you are interested in getting a mechanical advantage, take advantage of the ridiculous number of hours I spent looking at thousands of reviews.  Or, if you have the time, get out there and look for yourself.   If you have the space and the budget, get something that will give you other exercise benefits too, like the HCI Fitness ptx.  Aside from that don’t forget quality!  Nothing irritated buyers more than spending their hard earned money on something that had to be fixed in a few months.

Here’s to your health!!

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